A. J. Taylor
The Rainforest and the River | 11 February - 6 March 2016

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Paynter Creek 3:12pm
River Bend, Smiths Creek
(Hawkesbury 12)
Day’s End, Smiths Creek
(Hawkesbury 13)
Last Light, Smiths Creek
(Hawkesbury 20)
Paynter Creek 2:44pm
Rocky Point, Broken Bay
(Hawkesbury 15)
Paynter Creek Rainforest 8
Winter Noon, Jerusalem Bay (Hawkesbury 17) Reflection, Smiths Creek (Hawkesbury 18) Palm and Saplings, Paynter Creek
Paynter Creek 9:49am
Afternoon, Long Island
(Hawkesbury 19)
Kindred Bay, Smiths Creek
(Hawkesbury 14)

Winter Afternoon, Smiths Creek
(Hawkesbury 16)


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