Winter Collection - Works by Gallery Artists
5 August - 13 September 2009

Tim Maguire
Untitled 20040615

Tim Maguire
Untitled 20090604

Tim Maguire
Untitled 20090505

Tim Maguire
Untitled 20090506

Ildiko Kovacs

Linde Ivimey

Neil Frazer
Mt Painter

Ildiko Kovacs
Go Go

Rick Amor
Afternoonn By The Sea

Michael Cusack

McLean Edwards
Peace & Dialogue

Tim Maguire
Untitled 20070501

Elisabeth Kruger

Ildiko Kovacs
Long Way

Ildiko Kovacs
Centre Piece
Ildiko Kovacs
Ildiko Kovacs
Hovering Light

Simon Strong
Even if you leave, I will always be with you...

Alexander McKenzie
The Grove

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