Chris Langlois,
Landscape Variations
3 - 28 August 2005

Landscape (blue brown)
No 31, 2nd variation

Landscape (blue brown)
No 30
Landscape (blue brown red) No 34, 1st variation

(green red blue) No 33

Landscape (headland)
No 28, 3rd variation
Landscape (headland)
No 28, 2nd variation
Landscape (headland)
No 28, 4th variation
Landscape (blue brown red) No 34, 2nd variation

Ocean (blue brown green)
No75, 2nd variation

Landscape (brown blue)
No 32

Landscape (blue brown)
No 31, 1st variation

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Chris Langlois, Landscape Variations, 3 - 28 August 2005
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