Homage to Roy Jackson
Auction Fundraiser | 21 July - 23 July 2013


Alexander McKenzie
Warning Light
Ann Thomson
Campbell Robertson-Swann
Pouring Rain
Dean Manning
Slow dance
Fred Braat
Things are not all Peachy
Daniel Kyle
Jack's Track
Roy Jackson
Many Wondo
Roy Jackson

David Teer
Fly Back Quickly

Ivor Fabok
Assemblage #17
Elisabeth Cummings
Early Morning Wedderburn
Robert Hirschmann
Untitled (csd #11)
Paul Higgs
Ildiko Kovacs
The Moon for my Friend
Ildiko Kovacs
The Sun for my Friend
Ildiko Kovacs
That's The Way
Joanna Braithwaite
Toe to Toe
John Peart
Justine Varga
Empty Studio #2 from Empty Studio
Savanhdary Vongpoothorn
Lotus for RJ
Kim Westcott
Wattle III (Night)
Marina Strocchi
Two Rivers (Yellow)
Neil Frazer
See through (study)
Peter Atkins
Study for SOS
Paul Selwood
Platis Yialas
Kevin Norton
Note to J
Virginia Coventry
Place des Vosges - Cadmium Orange
Russell Barker
Untitled - May #5 - Mulch - Modified
Sioux Garside
Sioux Garside Angophora I, IIl & III
Stephen Oxenbury
Steven Harvey
Karma Trail
Steven Harvey
Suzanne Archer
Tom Carment
Helen's Backyard
Tony Tuckson
Head 11058
Tony Tuckson
Head 9765
Peter Sharp
Give and Take #21
Wayne Eager
David Fairbairn
Study J.B. - Grey Ground
Chris Langois
Sketch (Macpherson Range) no. 1
Chris Langois
Sketch (Five Mile Mt.) no. 1
Liquid Data
David Hawkes
Only the Rain
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