Winter Catalogue

15 August - 9 September 2007

Angela Brennan
Every Night About
This Time

John Pule
Tapa Maunga Angel
Ildiko Kovacs
Simon Taylor
Karl Maughan
Dark Corner
Neil Frazer

Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri
Swamp Near Nyrrupi

Micheal Cusack
Tim Maguire
Winter Rose
Tim Maguire
Untitled 20050903
Tim Maguire
Untitled 20061207
Linde Ivimey
St Savio
McLean Edwards
Mondo Cane
McLean Edwards
(I want to live in America)
Alexander McKenzie
The Lake Gardener
A.J. Taylor
Afternoon Shadow,
Hawkesbury River
Christine Johnson

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Winter Catalogue,15 August - 9 September 2007
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