DREAMING Winter Group Exhibition
22 June - 16 July 2017

Tim Maguire
Untitled 20170304
Ildiko Kovacs
Eye of the Strom II
Fiona Lowry
to be alone with you
Mavis Ngallametta
Low Down Swamp
Michael Muir
wooden walls
Alexander McKenzie
Seasons Start
Tamara Dean
The Quarry
Alexander McKenzie
The boatswains steps
Neil Frazer
Western Wave
Fiona Lowry
to hear you cast a spell so sweet
Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw
Blue Marble
Kate Shaw
Gold Waves, 2017, Digital Work, 4, 6, 8,12 channels, Continuous Loop, 6, 8, & 12 channels, Ed. of 4 + 1 A.P. 4 channel, Ed. of 8 + 2 A.P
Four Seasons, 1000 Years, Terraced Rice Fields - Tashibunosho, 2016, 2016, Digital Work, 6 channels, 1000 years, Edition of 8 + 2 A.P.s
Impermanent Life, 2017, Digital Work, Single channel, continuous loop, Edition of 10 + 2 A.P.s


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