Troy Emery

lost treasures | 23 July - 16 August 2020

Artist Profile
eucalyptus small sphinx pink rose
red headed pink ringed silver beast golden layabout strange presence
pink orchid emerald sphinx houseplant
savage pink peony hibiscus
park creature hydrangea  
climb every mountain descending in grey  
Pretty boy After a big feed Bob
Puss on the loose The very aggressive puss Cat attacking bird
Moonlight possum Kangaroo in the Australian landscape Journey into the outback
Small Wedgwood urn with classical figures Snake urn Apollo and the python
Bird in flight Orange bellied parrot IV Green python
Man with tiger Samson’s youth (after Bonnat) Hercules strangling the namean lion
Commemorative urn Antiques shopping with mum A surprising find Small vase with minotaur

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2020 Online Exhibition
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