Lives and works in Newcastle, Australia.



2018 GROUNDBREAKINGFLORALS, Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney
2017 BEDROOMS, Yavuz Gallery, Singapore
2017 SKIES, Turner Galleries, Perth
2017 THOUGHTS & Prayers, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
2016 New Works, Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney
2016 RED, WHITE & BLUE, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
2014 ESSENTIAl READING, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
2014 MELBOURNE ART FAIR 2014, Gallerysmith, Melbourne
2014 WIZDOM, Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney
2013 QUILTS, Gallerysmith, Melbourne
2013 FOLKLORE, Hugo Michell Gallery Adelaide
2013 THE WEDDING QUILT , Craft Victoria, Melbourne
2012 THE END OF THE WORLD Jan Manton Art, Brisbane
2012 CAVE PAINTING , Gallerysmith, Melbourne
2012 SMALL VICTORIES , Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide
2011 PRIVATE ISLAND , MOP Projects, Sydney
2011 BACKCHAT, Until Never Melbourne
2010 ISLANDS, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
2008 7 YEAR ITCH, John Miller Galleries Newcastle
2008 UNAUSTRALIAN, Watt Space Newcastle
2008 Tell ‘Im He’s Dreamin‘, Pod Space Newcastle
2005 Carpetry, Rocketart Newcastle



2016 Antipodean Inquiry, Yavuz Gallery, Singapore
2015 Sydney Contemporary, Hugo Michell Gallery, Sydney
2015 Labour of Love; Australian Quilts 1845 – 2015, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney
2015 Hong Kong Art Fair, Martin Browne Contemporary, Hong Kong
2015 SLIPSTITCH, Ararat Art Gallery, Victoria
2015 Y FIBRE, Workshop Arts Centre & Ewart Gallery Sydney, Art Month, Sydney
2014 VICTORY, Pieces of Eight, Melbourne
2014 THESE WORKS, Salon Zürcher Paris, Garis & Hahn New York
2014 25th Anniversary Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle
2014 Public, Form, Perth
2014 Blue + White, Newcastle Art Gallery, Newcastle
2014 Patternation, VMAFF, Carlton Club, Melbourne
2014 Fertile Ground, Artists in Residence, Australian Tapestry Workshop Melbourne
2013 Summer Exhibition, Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney
2013 SAME SAME, with Liam Benson curated by Lisa Corsi, Artereal Gallery Sydney

2013 Sacred/Iconic, Garis & Hahn, New York
2013 Wonderworks, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong
2013 The Poster Show, Plus Arts Projects, The Mayor’s Parlour, London UK
2013 Marked, Cessnock Regional Art Gallery, NSW
2012 City of Hobart Art Prize, Finalist, Hobart
2012 In Refrain, OK Gallery, Perth
2012 Drawing, Jack Hanley Gallery, New York
2012 Fashion Loves Art Loves Fashion, Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Project 12: This is Not a Love Song, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, curated by Jessie Bridgfoot The Substation, Melbourne
2011 Under The Willow, curated by Virginia Wilson, Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney
2011 Saison Finale, Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane
2011 New Acquisitions Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Newcastle
2011 100 – Black Art Projects, Langford 120, Melbourne
2011 Arcadia,  Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre, Brighton
2011 Signal 8, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong
2011 Citizen Collectors Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Newcastle
2011 Femme & Hommes, John Buckley Gallery, Melbourne
2011 New Gold Islands, Podspace, Newcastle
2010 No Artist is an Island, Lock-Up Cultural Center, Newcastle
2010 Show Off, Broodbox Gallery, Melbourne
2009 20:20, 20th Anniversary Watt Space Newcastle
2009 Steel City Boys, MOP Projects Sydney
2009 Minding Animals, Lock Up Gallery Newcastle
2008 Make Believe, C3 Gallery, Melbourne
2008 Say My Name, 3rd Year Graduate Exhibition Watt Space Newcastle
2008 Black White, School Of Fine Art Gallery University of Newcastle
2008 safARI, MOP Projects Sydney
2008 Make Do, Watt Space Newcastle
2007 >PINK, John Miller Gallery
2006 Piece by Piece, Field Newcastle
2005 %MONGREL, Watt Space Newcastle
2005 Fibremix, Muswellbrook Regional Art Gallery
2005 Yellow Sock Brigade, Watt Space Newcastle
2005 Wish You Were Here, Watt Space Newcastle
2005 Nightmare, Field Newcastle
2005 Cinema, Field Newcastle
2004 Alphabet, Field Newcastle



2016 Private Pool, The University of Newcastle, Newcastle
2015 Mural, Bird in Hand Winery, Adelaide
2015 Collaboration, Basil Bangs, Sydney
2015 Collaboration, Linus Dean, Sydney
2015 Mural, City of Rockhampton, Queensland
2014 Collaboration, BOSE, Melbourne
2014 WATERFALL, Public Work, Trans Grid, Sydney
2014 Collaboration – Skarfe, Sydney
2014 Collaboration, Hunting for George, Melbourne
2014 Australian Artist Series Porcelain Collaboration Faux x Cat Street Gallery
2014 Public, Mural Projects, Form, Perth
2014 Big Scary T-Shirt, Melbourne
2014 See I Told You, Mural, Newcastle Art Gallery, Newcastle
2014 OK, Mural, HBT Agency, Melbourne
2013 The Design Files Open House, Melbourne & Sydney
2013 Old Man’s, Canggu Indonesia
2013 Red Gate, Artist in Residence, Beijing
2013 Rival Gardens Mural, Mr. Wilkinson, Melbourne
2013 Harvest Workroom Residency, Melbourne
2013 Victorian Embroiders Guild Member, Melbourne
2013 Collaboration Third Drawer Down, Melbourne
2012 Dead Posh Mole, Twenty by Thirty, Melbourne
2012 Australian Tapestry Workshop Residency, Melbourne
2012 Harrolds, Melbourne and Sydney
2012 Collaboration, Douglas and Hope, Melbourne
2011 Swisse Vitamins, Melbourne
2011 Collaboration, Third Drawer Down, Melbourne
2011 Collaboration, Rittenhouse, Sydney
2011 Lullaby Islands, Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne
2011 You Look Terrific Babe, Citylights Projects, Melbourne
2010 Home, video commission, Deutsche Bank Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland
2010 Hammocks and Honey, EP Vinyl Cover Art, Melbourne



National Gallery of Australia
Duetsche Bank
Newcastle Region Art Gallery
Private Collections

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