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Academic Qualifications:
PhD Fine Art, Monash University, 2006
Master of Fine Art by Research, R.M.I.T. 2000

2018 – Hutchins Art Prize
2017 – Bayside Art Prize
2006 – ‘Best Film on Art’ (Asolo Artfilm Festival, Italy)

Exhibitions (all in Melbourne unless otherwise indicated)
Recent Solo Exhibitions
2020 –  A Clown in the Moon (James Makin Gallery)
         –  The Guests ( forthcoming /Despard Gallery (Hobart)
2019 – Time Traveller (Despard Gallery, Hobart)
2016 – The Transit of Mercury – Anna Pappas Gallery
2013 – The Conquest of Space – Five Walls Projects
2012 –  Lamplike – Trocadero Artspace
2011 –   Untitled (green) – Screenspace   
2009 –    R.I.P. – Linden
2006 –   Le Chien Qui Fume (a smokey life) – Monash University
         –   Chiengrila – Chapman & Bailey
2005 –   Le Chien Qui Fume – Westspace
             A Smokey Life – TCB art.inc.

Recent Two Person Exhibitions
2015 – The Umbelliferous Portraits – Rubicon ARI (with Nicholas Ives)
2011 –  The Innocents – Westspace (with Donna McRae)

Recent Group Exhibitions:
2019 – The Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize (Bendigo Art Gallery)
         –  Shit that I like (prog. Ben Aitken, Nicholas Projects)
         –  Word of Mouth (cur. Peter Hill, Venice pop up show / Grau Projekt)
         –  Group Show (James Makin Gallery)
         –  Feast (Stockroom, Kyneton)
         –  The Archibald Prize (AGNSW)
         –  Parallel Universe (cur. Felicity Spear, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery)
         – The Museum of Platitudes & Aphorisms (cur, Phil Edwards, C3 / Rubicon Artspace)
         –  The Nillumbik Art Prize (Montsalvat)
2018 –Beyond Reason (cur. Kevin Wilson, QUT, Queensland) 
           Gothic Beauty (cur. Jessica Bridgfoot, Bendigo Art Gallery)
           Art Athina (Athens, Greece)
           Dark (Other) Times (cur. Paul Zika / Maria Kundis, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart)
           Albany Art Prize (Albany, Western Australia)
 The Alice Prize (Alice Springs, N.T.)
           Hutchins Art Prize (Hobart)
2017 –Romancing the Skull (cur. Julie McLaren / Gordon Morrison, Art Gallery of Ballarat)
         –  Bayside Art Prize (Bayside Gallery, Vic)
         –  Footscray Art Prize (Footscray Arts Centre, Vic)
2016 –  Slippery Stories (co-curated with Tom Dunn, Strange Neighbour / Durden & Ray, Los Angeles)
         –  Museum of Doubt (cur. Peter Hill, Despard Gallery, Hobart)
–  Animalia (Despard Gallery, Hobart)
         –  Authenticity? (cur. Richard Ennis, Incinerator Gallery)
         –  Dada Here & Now (cur. Hanna Regev & Matt McKinley, Fort Mason – San Francisco Arts Festival)
         –  Bayside Art Prize (Bayside Gallery)
2015 – Horror Show (cur. Natalie & Pip Ryan, Strange Neighbour / Gippsland Regional Gallery)
         –  Oily Rag (cur. James Bowen, Fort Delta)
         –  Decade (cur. Michael Brennan & Aaron Martin, Trocadero Artspace)
         –  Likeness (cur. Mardi Novak & Kent Wilson, Town Hall Gallery)
2014 –  Make Believe it’s Nothing (cur. Brie Trenerry & Kieran Boland, MARS Gallery)
         –   A window that isn’t there (cur. MV, Strange Neighbour)
 –   As If (cur. Peter Hill, Kings ARI)
         –   Whistling in the Dark (cur. MV, Trocadero Artspace)
         –   Salon des Refusés – S. H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney
2013 –  The Archibald Prize (AGNSW)
2012  – The Archibald Prize (AGNSW)
         –   Museums in the Incident (cur. Steven Rendall, Monash Faculty Gallery)
         –  Underdog (cur. Aaron Martin, Five Walls Projects)
         –  Belleura Works on Paper (Mornington Peninsular Regional Gallery)
         –  Fletcher Jones Art Prize (Geelong Art Gallery)
2011 – Beautiful Volcanoes (cur. Michael Vale, Monash Faculty Gallery)
2010  – Belleura Works on Paper (Mornington Peninsular Regional Gallery)
          – Short Play (cur. Rachel Feery, Thousand £ Bend, Melbourne)
2009  – Loop 09 (Barcelona Video Festival)
            Nardini’s Garage (Group exhibition, Bassano al Grappa, Italy)

Curatorial Projects:
2016 –  Slippery Stories (co-curated with Tom Dunn – Durden & Ray, Los Angeles / Strange Neighbour, Melbourne)
2014 –  A window that isn’t there (Strange Neighbour)
            •           Whistling in the Dark (Trocadero Artspace)
2012 –  Threshold Projects (co-curated with Siri Hayes – Screenspace)
2011 –  Beautiful Volcanoes (Monash University)

Film & Video:
Features –
2017 – Lost Gully Road (dir. Donna McRae)
co-writer & production designer
winner ‘Best Feature’ (La Femme FF, Los Angeles)
distributed by Umbrella Pictures (Aus)

2018 – Cobby: the other side of cute (documentary) co-director & writer

2012 – Johnny Ghost (dir. Donna McRae) production designer
multiple awards
distributed by Titan View (Aus) / Continuum Pictures (USA)

Video works –
2016 – The Transit of Mercury (Anna Pappas Gallery)
2015 –  Lamp People (Durden & Ray, Los Angeles)
2014 – Augustine (Dada Here & Now, San Francisco)
2013 – Lamplike (Trocadero Artspace)
2011 – Untitled (green) (Screenspace)
2007 – The Servants of the Moon (Linden, St Kilda FF)
2006 – The Long Walk (Asolo FF, Westspace, ACP Sydney, Monash University … + multiple screenings
2005 – The Cheat (TCB, Monash University)
2003 – Le Chien Qui Fume (Asolo FF, St Kilda FF, WOW FF, Monash University)

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