Peter Cooley

Please view below available works by Peter Cooley
Bactrian Camel 6 Sylvania Waters hut    
Lyrebird 1 Glider and Landscape 4 Glider and Landscape 1  
Green Rosellas Pale Headed Rosellas, a pair Pelican 7  
Wentworth Falls 3 Wentworth Falls, a pair Parrots and Landscape Urn Parrots and Landscape Urn 5
Northern Rosellas, a pair Wentworth Falls and landscape 1 Wentworth Falls and landscape 2  
Pelican 1 Pelican 2    
Black Tailed Swamp Wallaby 12 Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby 10 Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby 5 A Pair of Red Kangaroos 1
Maquette Red Kangaroo 1 Red Kangaroo 7 Red Kangaroo 11 Small Red Kangaroo
Black Swans 1 Maquette for
Lumholtz's Tree

Works on Canvas

Blue Laccenalia and Kangaroo Paw Kangaroo Paw 2 Kangaroo Paw 1  

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2014 MAF